Reasons not to do it

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I want to get this out of the way. Anyone who thinks the idea of a Bureau for Counterculture is rubbish – I think you’re right, in many ways. This is the dump for the reasons not to even start. A register for more issues than Vogue. It can all go here. I added mitigation suggestions where possible.

1 The term ‘Counterculture’ is open to many interpretations, it refers to lots of different movements that have no common denominator. A Bureau for Counterculture is inherently selective, biased and lop-sided.
Mitigation: None

2 The term ‘Bureau’ suggests some sort of coordination function which makes no sense for a phenomenon like counter culture.
Mitigation: We made it optional to take the term seriously

3 It’s not right to start a ‘Bureau of Counterculture’ using the Internet, which is the epitome of conformance and mainstream culture
Mitigation: Turn off the Internet

4 Before this website could go public, there are too many gaps and inconsistencies to deal with
Mitigation: Asking you for help

5 This looks like someone’s overwhelmed by the complexity and demands of the world, and is looking for straightforward solutions
Mitigation: Reframing complexity in a straightforward way

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