I would have to make something up. Words are not enough. The world as it presents itself, it’s not enough. Music gives words a boost. It allows creating alternative worlds. That would be good reasons for making music.

I’m a song writer and music producer. I have ideas, and I turn them into music. Aiming to do more visuals at some point.

I learned to play piano and guitar a while back. Nowadays my music is electronic. My main influences are soul, house, disco, techno and everything that comes with that music – the culture, places, people, stories, moves and styles.

At present I’m focusing on vocal soulful house music. The general idea is to enter new territory with each song. To write lyrics that can be given out because there actually is a message. To dig out yet unheard of sounds and associations.


‘Who is your Master?’ ft Sir Ben Marx (4:18)

‘No place to go’ ft Lady Blacktronika (4:46)

‘Deep in the life’ ft Ira Levi (5:22)


I love shooting videos. Why then is there just one? Well, at least there’s one. Arm aber sexy, a co-production with Ricky Watson aka Dramat and we’re known as the Universal Suspects!


Over the past few years I’ve been lucky to meet and work on music with quite a number of people.

Shout-outs to: Aaron Romano, Abe, Anthony Carey, B Michael L, Bonetti, Doug Sure, Drama Productions, DJ Kaya, DWAI, Emmanuel Sugo, Gee Solo, gracetone, Greco (NYC), Icarus’ Dream, Inspired Funk, Ira Levi, JCLW, Jeremy Ward, Joseph Junior, Kieron Providence, KrisMagnetik, Lady Blacktronika, Matthew David, Mike Dominico, Mista ID – Namodik, Ricky Watson/Universal Suspects, Rikki Wardally, Sir Ben Marx, DJ Thesman, The Prince, Vaun Noir.


If I had to give favourites, I’d insist on a category for locations. And there, for now, Pier 45 in New York would come out on top. The pier at the end of Christopher Street, which I discovered on a stroll through Greenwich Village. And the history of the place about which I found out later. Which brings me to my favourite slideshow on the Internet: Pier 45 by Richard Renaldi

Image credit: Richard Renaldi


Please get in touch if you would like to discuss a project.

Email: urvinjune@gmail.com