You and the Bureau

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For the Bureau to work, it will need to turn from a one-man party to a collective endeavour.

There are lots of options, e.g.

  • Become one of the chief clerks – ideally there’ll be a group of people who like the idea enough to want to co-own it
  • Give your thoughts on how to develop the concept – as written feedback or (even better) in conversation
  • Contribute to layout/imagery
  • Help me set up and manage the technical infrastructure and design for the website. Putting the website on a domain other than is one of the mid-term tasks. Certainly it wants to look better as well.
  • Take on the management of one of the departments
  • Write an article that fits into one of the departments
  • Point out hiccups in terms of language and spelling
  • Send me links to something special – see the Links page for criteria. Include a brief description what the link is about and how it benefits the reader

Drop me a line:

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